• Constructed RESTful back-end API using Rails to serve application and respond to asynchronous AJAX requests
  • Architected full React and Redux structure for unidirectional data flow
  • Integrated image hosting through Cloudinary API to allow dynamic image resizing, increase application speed, and limit server load
  • Implemented additional React.js libraries, Slick and Masonry, to enhance picture presentation and improve user experience


  • The framework is built on top of Rack and includes all the necessary tools to create a secure, RESTful web application
  • Object Relational Modeling that interacts with underlying RDBMS
  • Router and controller bases classNamees for creating custom routes and controllers to respond to HTTP requests
  • Middleware for serving static files and displaying exceptions


  • Employed HTML5 canvas element and vector math to create game elements
  • Utilized jQuery to dynamically manipulate DOM elements for a fast, interactive user experience